Costa Rica fishing charters: can clients transport you to mythical lands?

In searching for the true essence of brands, we often journey, sometimes physically and at other times virtually, to mythical lands of their origin stories. Consider some recent places we have visited in our imagination: Xanten in Rhineland where St. Norbert was born, monasteries of Holy Cross in Southern France where Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau began the Holy Cross tradition of living faith through service, oil and gas rich sand dunes of Qatar where Education city now thrives, some of the most beautiful seaside hills of Malibu where Pepperdine reigns, and rain forests of the Amazon which now frequent the Phipps Conservatory.

In carrying forward this tradition, we are currently working with a client that offers ocean safaris off the beautiful shores of Costa Rica. Every time I think about them, I am reminded of Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” which celebrates and honors struggle and manhood. In case if you are wondering, have I had the privilege of visiting our client who offers Costa Rica Fishing Charters, the answer is not yet. Someday, soon, I hope.