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Consumers are now used to interfacing with things in bits, bytes and and bite-sized chunks. When it comes to reeling in a broad audience, marketers are using vanity URLs to do exactly this by shortening lengthy, confusing URLs into readable and accessible links. What are Vanity URLs? Vanity URLs: Are short and clean, easy to remember and easy to read website URLs Are seen as more trustworthy than long links and perform better in terms of clicks Can increase rankings on search engines if keywords are embedded in them Can be monitored so that you can track where traffic is coming from, and which advertisements or platforms are performing best What are The Two Types of Vanity URLs? Vanity URLs are very useful for a variety of purposes, but depending on the need they can be utilized in two places within a URL. A subdomain (prefix) occurs at the beginning of a URL (e.g. while a subfolder (suffix) occurs … Continue reading

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