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A new generation of talent recruitment is upon us. Recruitment 1.0: Run classified ads in the Help Wanted section of newspapers. Recruitment 2.0: Run job postings on third party sites like Monster, Indeed and Recruitment 3.0: Take control of your own destiny. Manufacturers are increasingly challenged by a national talent shortage for the new jobs they’re creating. Instead of relying on tired old ways, Recruitment 3.0 demands a better digital strategy. One that doesn’t commoditize businesses by constantly putting them side by side with everybody else looking to fill seemingly look-alike roles. After all, the best person for your opening isn’t just looking for a job, they’re looking for a better career. The answer begins with an overlooked part of many manufacturing websites—the Careers and Job Listing pages. Look at yours through the lens of smart SEO practices like optimizing your code, “baking” keywords into your job listing pages, and spreading them with social media share buttons. Every job … Continue reading

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