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I have this love for story — the hear and the tell — the feel that comes from being submersed in a good narrative. I believe that I was born with this hunger for story, driven by a native curiosity to know and see and feel the world around me. That, paired with an unshakable desire and urgency to share with others the stories I’ve discovered, led me to pursue my career as a writer. I’ve always loved the creative freedom that comes with writing — the instinctual aspect of the profession. Almost instantaneously after starting my job at Elliance I began blogging — a service we perform for many of our clients, most often those in higher education, to help them expand their reach and better connect with their target audience. As I began to write, I would find myself in the zone, really getting a good flow going in the copy and focusing on telling a brilliant story. … Continue reading

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Google, when determining the ranking of a page, takes hundreds of factors into account. The precise algorithm is a closely guarded secret, but over time and through our work with a variety of clients, we have determined four major optimization factors that one should focus on when optimizing a page. We created an SEO factors infographic to explain this concept. One of those optimization factors is the URL of a page. When we optimize client sites — whether in higher education, manufacturing, or any other industry – we often run into situations where page optimization calls for URL optimization. To have a well-optimized page, the URL of the page should be search friendly, should clearly represent the information on the page, and should be consistent with the overall website structure. But in many cases, this is easier said than done. Here are some issues which can make URL optimization a challenge: The URL is tied to page title, header or … Continue reading

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