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The Elliance higher education marketing practice has grown enrollment, endowment and reputation for over 100 colleges and universities including 10 medical schools and healthcare institutions in all 4 major medical traditions o western medicine. Included below are a few samples of our agency work we have enjoyed delivering for each medical tradition: O S T E O P A T H I C     M E D I C I N E   Transforming Lives. Transforming Generations. University of the Incarnate Word (UIW), a leading Hispanic-serving institution, owes its existence to the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, a congregation from France that responded to urgent public health and education needs in South Texas following the U.S. Civil War.  San Antonio and South Texas face severe shortages of culturally competent health professionals — primary care doctors, optometrists, pharmacists, physical therapists and nurses. That shortage, along with entrenched socioeconomic disadvantages, combine to produce a 20-year life span discrepancy between … Continue reading

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Beginnings matter. How you start will determine where you’ll finish. Experience tells us that great beginnings matter for these reasons: a clear purpose calms the winds of change seeing (our future) becomes believing strong messages invite loyalists trust takes root Most Schools of Medicine feel competitive pressure from two sides — with the entrenched elite top schools attracting game-changing private donations, and ambitious emergent schools aggressively pursuing prospective students. As the trend line in medical school applications rises and falls, and as the makeup of future classes moves decisively toward more female and far more diverse applicants, the level of integration required between strategic planning and strategic communication becomes more crucial, and the potential rewards greater. Your claim to greatness can come on many fronts — research, global reach, intellectual capital, and clinical partnerships. These can provide a solid bedrock for a more assertive reach and push across the digital ecosystem. Only by claiming this will the School of Medicine … Continue reading

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