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In a recent article, the National Association of Manufacturers reported on manufacturing statistics. Emphasized were the merits of pursuing a career in the industry. Some highlights of the post included: There are currently 12.3 million manufacturing workers in the United States. The average annual salary for manufacturers comes in at $79,553 — above the national average for all industries at $64,204. 92 percent of manufacturers are eligible for employer-provided health care benefits. These impressive statistics were in stark contrast to a recent survey by SME, a nonprofit organization promoting manufacturing technology. The survey painted a bleak picture of the opinions parents have of the manufacturing industry when considering it as a career path for their children. Revealed were the following sentiments: Upwards of 20 percent of surveyed parents perceived manufacturing as an outdated and/or dirty work environment. Half of all survey takers did not view manufacturing as an exciting, challenging, or engaging profession. Nearly 25 percent of parents surveyed did … Continue reading

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When choices proliferate, branding ascends. The Internet has created a truly global marketplace. More national competitors and more international competition from Europe, India, China and Brazil are acting as a forcing function for the adoption of branding by B2B Manufacturers. When it comes to branding, the only way to see the world is through the hearts and minds of buyers, where the brand really lives. Here is how B2B buyers think and the role branding plays for B2B Manufacturers: Do I like them? (Emotions) Manufacturing buyers, like consumers, buy emotionally. Branding helps tie a company to an idea or an emotion through storytelling. Do I trust them? (Trust) With so many manufacturers producing good products, and buyers starved for time, how does a buyer decide who to pick? Branding simply builds trust. Is it safe to buy from them? (Risk Management) Manufacturing buyers instinctively reduce risk for themselves and their corporations. Branding – by making promises of reliability, dependability and … Continue reading

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