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In the age of Google and AI, a manufacturing and industrial marketing strategy is incomplete without a blogging strategy. We will first share several good reasons why manufacturers must include blogging in their marketing mix. Why manufacturers should blog? While a blog does require some time and effort, it is well worthwhile for these five reasons: 1. Provides the fresh content that Google and Bing rewards with page one rankings. 2. Significantly cheaper than annually paying third parties for links. 3. Conveys subject matter expertise, which buyers reward. 4. Builds topic authority, which Google and Bing reward with higher rankings. 5. Expands website real estate¬†which grows your brand impressions and reach in the age of Google, Bing and AI. Best practices in industrial blogging Next, we’ll share eleven best practices we’ve seen work for many industrial companies. 1. Goals: Could be a combination of communicating subject matter expertise, reputation building or humanizing your company. 2. Name: A good blog name … Continue reading

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