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As a creative being I live for discovering inspiration all around me, and many times it’s inspiration that finds me. With fall fast approaching I think about the possibility of a road trip to take in the splendor of color that Pennsylvania has to offer, so I begin. Inspire me Pennsylvania. Step one. Visit the website.  Hmmm. The site is short on inspiration and so is my time spent on Where is the story? Where is the adventure? I know our state is beautiful, so why not celebrate it with the many tools a digital experience has to offer? Mediocre = Forgettable Step two. Lolly gag So now that I am uninspired about the Pa. site, I troll around a bit online until I remember a site I saw a while ago about Maine. I believe it was an interactive newsletter? Hello Maine! What a beautiful experience. I am instantly inspired by the elegant simplicity of the user interface, … Continue reading

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