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After 25 years of generating prosperity for clients, we have learned that successful digital marketing initiatives must have these 7 fundamentals: 1. Start with Strategy: Ready-aim-fire, not ready-fire-aim. Lead with strengths. 2. Build Your Brand: In the sea of sameness, brands win. Build it. Fearlessly guard it. Imbue it at every touch point. 3. Develop Your Keyword Guide: Before you bake your product/service, reputational, decisioning and geographic keywords into every content asset, you must first discover them and know them. 4. Fortify Your Website: It’s your conversion machine. All roads lead to it. Bake in your SEO Keyword Guide. 5. Surround and Engage Prospects with an integrated campaign: On search, social and mobile, where the prospects live. 6. Invest in Marketing Technology: Know what truly performs, so you can feed the winners. 7. Measure, Test, Adapt: Measure what matters. Know what works. Tease out stories. Change boldly. Learn more about our digital marketing and integrated marketing services.

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