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Since the day I walked into Elliance, a digital marketing agency, for a “meet and greet”, my preconceived idea of what life looked like inside “the business world” was shattered. Elliance was something I’d never expected – a place full of life and character and uniqueness. I have been working here now for roughly two months and walking through the door is just as exciting now as it was on day one. So I thought I’d give you the low down on three things that classify Elliance as a breed of its own, from the new kid’s perspective. Culture of respect In June, I returned from a trip where I had spent 11 months doing volunteer work with 45 other individuals. The way we orchestrated as a community was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. There was a mutual trust and respect for those you were working alongside each and every day. You did not doubt the abilities of those around … Continue reading

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