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In the early years of our existence, we generated leads through a wide variety of tactics: websites, SEO plus engaging content, display advertising, emails to purchased names, postcards to purchased names, LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, YouTube ads, retargeting ads, social media promotions, chat bots, lookalike audiences, webinars, campus visits and events, PR, branding and scholarship contests. And we observed which leads converted the best. Slowly but surely, here is what we discovered. Purchased Names Convert Poorly The era of buying prospect names, bombarding them with commoditized emails/direct mail, hoping some will raise their hands, and praying some will convert is over. Royall & Company, which built a successful business on this premise, cashed out when they saw the model crumbling. What happened? Students got tired of being spammed and they got smarter. They took control of their college search. They started asking their peers, families and friends for their recommendations. They started searching Google and perusing their favorite … Continue reading

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