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  In working with both higher education marketers and association marketers, I’ve noticed some interesting similarities between the two sectors. For one, their missions are remarkably similar. They help people reach their professional goals whether it’s through education, training or networking opportunities. However, while higher education institutions have historically focused primarily on younger audiences, associations have only more recently reenergized their efforts toward attracting a younger generation. Due to natural attrition, they’re seeing a decline in their Baby Boomer membership, and beginning to realize that Millennials have very different attitudes on the value of belonging to an association than their predecessors had. As associations strive to grow membership among Millennials, the higher education marketing sector offers lessons that can inform association marketing efforts. For example, one of the common challenges many associations face is meeting the needs of different audience segments. A recent MGI report found that out of 267 associations surveyed, on average, baby boomers make up 39 percent … Continue reading

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