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Experience tells us that great beginnings matter for these reasons: clear purpose calms winds of change seeing (“our future”) becomes believing strong messages invite loyalists trust takes root The number and variety of decisions, opportunities and challenges that come with assuming leadership of a major business school require a steady hand. Below, we’ve put together 10 strategic considerations for your first 100 days to help you navigate from analysis to synthesis. 1. Strategic Planning What mix of analytical insights, high-level metrics, broad directional focus and ambitions will galvanize faculty, partners and prospects — and tap unrealized energies and potential within your school? 2. Brand How do I mature our understanding of and grow our aptitude for brand — visual and voice — so that internal teams can communicate with broad and fine brush strokes, and inspire the school community to act more as one, bound by a newfound sense of shared purpose? 3. Reputation How do I empower various teams … Continue reading

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