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If done right, SEO will literally outlive your website. On the internet, we don’t often think of our media as having any intrinsic permanent value. News headlines are expired within minutes; tweets are gone in a flash. Blogs squabble and … Continue reading

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To higher education marketing pros, April & May is “yield season.” It’s the culmination of all their marketing and relationship-building efforts to convert a suspect to a prospect to an applicant to an admitted student. Yield is the percentage of … Continue reading

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As Responsive Design has matured to a position of dominance in the web design and development world, so have our heads been filled with anecdotal evidence (i.e., non-evidence) about the ROI of Responsive Web Design. (Just for fun, I propose … Continue reading

We know that colleges and universities today are scrambling to adjust to shifting demographics, shrinking budgets, skyrocketing pressure, and other changes on all fronts. We expect (rightly) that college presidents will be educators, diplomats, fundraisers and visionaries. Too often, organizing … Continue reading

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This morning I was reading a post on the Travel 2.0 Blog that hit home. Troy Thompson wrote: “Recently, I was asked to critique changes to an advertising campaign from a well-known tourism destination. While the creative was fine…amazingly not … Continue reading

At Elliance, we are extremely proud of the work we do on behalf of our search clients on a daily basis.  We help improve their rankings, visibility, and brand awareness through a customized variety of search marketing services.  But, it’s … Continue reading

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It’s the age-old question: if you’re ranked organically for a particular search term, is targeting that same term with PPC a waste of money? New research from Google suggests that it’s not. The original study that Google released back in … Continue reading

Interestingly, senior decision makers look at eMarketing ROI based on their roles. CEOs tend to focus on downstream metrics such as aggregate ROI i.e. if we invested $x into an eMarketing program, what revenue, $y, did we get from it. … Continue reading

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