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With which device would you like to be the friendliest? (Wonderful image courtesy of Brad Frost)

Trickier than it sounds! Some pictures are worth far more than a thousand words.

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  1. If you think of it as your “website”, you are right. It is trickier.

    But if you see it as your message, your story, it will sound a little better. Stories have been told through books, theater, radio, TV, word of mouth. those were drastically different medium. Way more diverse than the picture above. Yet a great story is just that, a great story that captivated an audience.

    The part of the WEB that is supposed to “captivate” an audience, is the trickier part. Once you have their attention and you give them a good reason to demand more, the story can be told on any of these screens.

    Another way to look at it is….
    Offering everything everywhere is a useless quest. Offering just the right thing at the right time is the right thing to do. Apply 20-80 rule. Ignore the 20%. Cluster the solution into two or three formats to maximize coverage. This whole thing is disposable anyway. Don’t go crazy over the formats. Focus on the story. Your value proposition. That has to be timeless.

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